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Backup your recordings

In order to save your recordings from decay, there are two options – converting by yourself or having converted.

Converting by yourself is expensive in time and effort, since every single tape is digitized in real-time. You also shouldn’t underestimate the storage space that is required and in addition acquisition costs for hard- and software. You can buy a used VHS-C camcorder for about 50 to 200 €. Suitable software and a hard disk are required as well. Valueable time will however be the highest expense.

Since our customers usually don’t have the time, we can do it for you – at unbeatable prices. MEDIAFIX converts your VHS-C tapes starting at €6.99 per tape. The price includes free saving on DVD. We have the experience of over 170 mio. digitized images and film minutes.


Convert VHS-C to digital: It’s that easy

Großeltern und Enkel freuen sich über digitalisierte Erinnerungen

  1. Start a request & print the order form
  2. Pack up your VHS-C tapes, add the order form and bring it to the post
  3. We convert your VHS-C considering your wishes
  4. Pay the order & receive your tapes back (of course you get back the files and your tapes)
  5. Invite your family and enjoy the precious memories

Convert VHS-C now!

MEDIAFIX provides high quality at low prices

MEDIAFIX converts your VHS-C starting at €6.99/tape – a price that is hard to beat. Low price, low-class service? Not at MEDIAFIX! Your satisfaction is important to us:

What we do for you:

  • Included: Personal advice
  • Included: An individual offer for your video collection
  • Included: Free return shipping for your converted VHS-C
  • Included: Our best-price-guarantee
  • Included: Updates of the current status of your order
  • Included: Accessibility by phone


What we do for your VHS-C tapes

  • We charge for the actual durability of the recordings on a tape
  • You get your converted VHS-C tapes back on video DVD or as MP4 file
  • We convert your VHS-C tapes in Cologne and don’t send them abroad
  • We fix film tears


MEDIAFIX converts

Betamax * Betacam SP * VHS * MiniDV * S-VHS * S-VHS-C * MiniDV * Digital8 * Hi8 * Video 8 * Video 2000 * U-Matic

We are the largest German scanning provider. Thousands of customers have confided their recordings to MEDIAFIX – and they are absolutely satisfied. 170 million converted recordings and a customer satisfaction rate of 94% are proof enough.

Convert VHS-C tapes now!

The format

The VHS-C tape is a smaller version of the common VHS tape. The VHS-C tape was developed to be used in portable camcorders. The normal VHS is too bulky for that purpose. With the help of an adapter the small cassettes still fit into a standard VHS recorder.VHS-C Kassette digitalisieren

The VHS-C almost looks like an audio cassette, but is noticeably thicker. The duration is 30-60 minutes and doubles in longplay mode. MEDIAFIX digitizes your VHS-C, no matter how they were recorded. It absolutely pays off to convert VHS-C to digital, since the sensitive magnetic tape starts to decay after some time, so that the quality starts to suffer.


If you have questions concerning the digitization of your VHS-C cassettes, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We will give you free and non-binding advice.

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Price per tape
up to 3 tapes
4 to 10 tapes €11.99
11 to 25 tapes €9.99
26 to 50 tapes €8.49
from 51 tapes €6.99
All prices include legal VAT. Shipping costs will be added. Take notice of our promotion terms here.

Prices are valid up to a duration of 90 minutes. We charge for the actual length of the recordings including gaps, not for the total capacity of the cassette.
Extra charge for extended lengths:
up to 180 minutes: €5.00
up to 240 minutes: €10.00

We also convert:

Cassette type starting at
VHS / MiniDV €6.99
Hi8 / Video 8 / Digital8 €11.49
Betacam / Betamax €14.99
S-VHS / S-VHS-C €14.99
Video 2000 / U-Matic €24.99

You can also just start a request for these cassettes on this page.

Convert VHS-C:
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  • Best-price-guarantee
  • Made in Germany
  • Additional services available
  • Simple processing & all-round service
  • Free DVD
  • All cassette types


Thank you, we are totally happy. It was not easy for us to give our family history out of our hands. But it was worth it. THANKS