Sample scans

On this page you can find some sample scans from MEDIAFIX. Some pictures have been reduced in size so you can view them on your display without any problems. Just click on a picture to see it enlarged.

Here are some customer reviews that reached us:

Wolfgang Niedecken (BAP front man)

We recorded several decades of our band history on slides. Many of these memories were digitized by DIAFIX. The team and the results really convinced us. Young students work together with experienced professionals. A good mixture!

Bernhard Zimmermann

I will say it short and sweet: THANK YOU!!! I wanted to have my slides and 8mm films digitized for a long time. But how? With a 45 € scanner. Then a saw a report about your company and your website and I already was convinced. Also the advice by phone for over 4,900 slides and for the 8mm films was amazing! The result is outstanding! Price-performance is very good!!! 100% great work and quality. I will recommend you to my relatives!

Johanna Bossmann

As a hobby photographer my flat started to collect a large amount of slides. When I moved into a smaller flat, I had to reduce my ownership, since I only could take along only a fraction of my furniture, clothes and books. I haven’t views my slides for a long time, so I thought about just throwing them away. Digitizing them by myself would have been too time-intensive.
Then I found and I got in touch with the company. Now I’ve got 1670 pictures on my small hard disk and I can tell and show my grandchildren everything about my travel experience in the past.

Dr. Tilman Lenssen-Erz (University Cologne, Head of rock research of the African research center)

We had about 3,500 medium format and about 2,000 35 mm slides digitized. Our institute is very satisfied with the quality, service and the prices. Great conversations and an amazing customer support completed everything.

G. Butler

Now I have all the important family memories on an USB drive that we can copy as much as we want. Thank you for your great and fast work. I will recommend you.

Prof. Ernst Kausen

The quality of digitization was good to very good. Post-processing resulted in an improvement in many cases, in a few cases colors shifted. In direct comparison the original slide has an advantage concerning its colors. All in all I can recommend MEDIAFIX, but the highest (and most expensive) quality level should be chosen.

Claudia Pretorius

This summer I’m going on a trip to Norway with a friend. It’s great that I can view my slides together with her from my previous Norway trip I went on with my deceased husband. I’m convinced by the fast and good result.

Stefan Thomm (H.O.K. GmbH)

Dear Mr. Wickler, thank you for processing my order. Deadline and quality were right on point. Thank you!

Peter Nottmeier (Actor)

The pictures were razor-sharp and the colors brilliant – and that at really fast processing time. I’m absolutely satisfied with the friendly and competent service – from start to finish – and also with the end result.

Werner Baehren

I viewed the scans in the dropbox and the result just blew my mind. Thank you for the great work!

G. Ramme

Everything is at its best! Reliable provider, no bad surprises. Prices and execution as required. I will recommend you!

Marc Liesenfeld

We had a whole room full of slides – over 30,000. Now we can finally use the space like we want to. The whole family is happy about the result. My father – the photographer – can sort everything on the computer and provide the files to me and my siblings.

J. Bilstein 

I want to thank you very much for the great slide digitization (even of old slides). I’m excited about the quality and can recommend MEDIAFIX.

Thomas Kummer

Good evening, I checked all the files and am very satisfied! Thank you! I will recommend you!

Eugen Weis

I’m very satisfied with the execution of your slide digitization. We enjoy our digital photoframes every day and highly appreciate your service. Too bad this didn’t exist earlier, otherwise our slides wouldn’t have been stored in the attic for so long.

Frank Nikolaus Golomb (United Archives)

I definitely would recommend the service, quality and prices of MEDIAFIX! A photo engineer from our team, who has checked the pictures, is also very satisfied.