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11% discount on digitizationOld analogue media won't last forever. Convert your 8mm films to digital now and view your unique memories with family and friends on TV, your computer and tablet.

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Convert 8mm films:
Your benefits

  • Best-price-guarantee
  • Made in Germany
  • Additional services available
  • Simple processing & all-round service
  • 8mm on DVD or USB drive
  • Free film tear repair


For converting my 8mm films I chose MEDIAFIX. Great price-performance and many additional services that meet the customers’ requirements. Conclusion: I’m very satisfied!

Lothar Kaiser

Super 8-Digitalisierung

Converting 8mm films by yourself is quite difficult, since you need an original playback device. MEDIAFIX converts your 8mm films with modern technology by scanning frame by frame. You get your 8mm films converted to DVD starting at €6.95 – with best-price-guarantee.

It pays off to scan 8mm at MEDIAFIX: We convert your films low-priced – this is what we will promise with our best-price-guarantee. Starting at €0.08 you will get your converted films back in an excellent quality.

If you want, you can compare our prices with other scanning providers and convince yourself. You’ll see: MEDIAFIX is the perfect 8mm converting service for you, since we use advanced technologies to produce on our own.

Our price for converting your 8mm films includes:

  • 8mm in PAL quality: We convert your 8mm films with a resolution of at least 720 x 540 pixels.
  • Free film tear repair: Are your films old and brittle? No problem, we will fix this before converting.
  • Free DVD: By default we convert your 8mm to DVD – for free.
  • Free labelings: We take on your labelings for free.

There is also no extra charge for:

  • saving on your own storage device
  • saving as digital download
  • and due to our Summer special free return shipment for your 8mm films.
  • Convert 8mm at the market leader
  • MEDIAFIX is test winner at n-tv
  • More than 59 Access points in Europe
  • Personal advice by phone, e-mail or on-site
  • Free DVD
  • Free labelings

8mm converting – overview of your benefits:

Price-performance: Best-price-guarantee
Quality: Test winner at n-tv / TOP-Dienstleister 2022
Advice: By phone / e-mail / on-site
Delivery: 59 Access points / by post
Service: Free film tear repair
Storage: 8mm on DVD, USB drive or as digital download

Super 8-RollenWhat kind of unique memories are kept on your 8mm reels? Is it the outstanding bride at her wedding or the first steps of your child? Or maybe recordings of a happy family celebration at Christmas time?

All these precious moments are stored in the attic and getting dusty. Since they won’t last forever, the may be lost very soon.

Get into action and have your 8mm films converted before it is too late and these sources of danger take over:

  • Heat. Heat dries out the tape, which is why it becomes brittle.
  • Humidity. Humidity causes mould.
  • Chemical reactions. Chemical reactions like the vinegar-syndrome can dissolve the tape.
  • Wear and tear. The more you play the film, the more it wears out.
  • Dust and dirt. Dust and dirt has a bad influence on the quality of the films.
  • Decreased film quality. The later you have your films converted, the worse the quality gets.

Protect your valueable memories and convert your 8mm films to DVD. With our WETGATE cleaning and post-processing service we still can get the maximum out of even really old films. Don’t wait any longer!

All of these lovely moments of your family from the past will come back to life, when you view your old 8mm recordings. Do you still have the canvas? Did you sort out the old 8mm projector, because it was broken? Often there are still several 8mm reels around, but unfortunately no playback device.

Have your 8mm films converted to DVD. Enjoy several benefits of converted 8mm films:

  • Saves place and effort. You can simply do without building up the 8mm projector and a bulky canvas by just having your 8mm films converted.
  • Easily accessible. Watch your 8mm recordings on TV, a digital projector, PC or tablet.
  • Share your films. If you convert 8mm to DVD, you can just send copies to your family and friends in the whole world.
  • Refreshed. Edit your movie files like you want. Converting 8mm films makes it possible.
  • Archived. Make as many backup copies as you want and save your family history for future generations.

Don’t wait any longer and start a non-binding request today – our customer service will answer all your questions concerning 8mm.

How does digitizing at MEDIAFIX work?

Converting your 8mm films at MEDIAFIX is easy: Just call us on our phone number 0221/67 78 69 34 or start your online request with our contact form. Add the signed order form to the package.

IMPORTANT: Without the signed order form we are not able to process your order! You can drop by your package in person or deliver it by post. You can find an overview of your Access points here. When your order is finished, you get your reels and the converted 8mm films back the same way as delivered. 

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Convert 8mm films now!

What does it cost to have my 8mm films converted at MEDIAFIX?

MEDIAFIX converts your 8mm films starting at €6.95 per reel. With our best-price-guarantee we promise that you will always get the lowest price for converting 8mm films.

How can I deliver my 8mm films?

You can deliver your 8mm films by post or drop them by personally in our head office in Cologne or Dortmund or even in one of our 59 Access points.

Which resolution is the right one for me?

Our quality levels:

  • PAL quality. 720 x 540 pixels incl. labelings and saving your 8mm on DVD (data DVD). Suitable for viewing on small displays.
  • HD quality. 960 x 720 pixels incl. labelings and saving your 8mm on DVD (data DVD). Recommended when viewing on TVs, monitors or digital projectors that are HD-ready.
  • Full-HD quality. 1,440 x 1,080 pixels incl. labelings and saving your 8mm on DVD (data DVD). Suitable for viewing on larger displays.

What kind of storage media are available?

Saving your 8mm on DVD is already included in the price. If this doesn’t serve your purpose, there are other options for storage media for an extra charge:

  • USB drive
  • Hard drive
  • Your own storage media

Does my 8mm film have a sound track?

Most 8mm films are silent. The probability that your 8mm films have a sound track is not very high. To find out, you have to take a closer look at the tape. The sound track is noticeable by an 0.5 to 0.8 mm wide orange-brown magnetic tape. Sometimes there are even two sound tracks. If your 8mm films have a sound track, we can convert it to digital as well.

If you’re not sure if your reels have a sound track, we can do it for you. The costs for sound digitization only apply, if your films have a sound track.

You still have any questions concerning 8mm converting?

Additional information is listed in our FAQ. Apart from that we also give individual advice! Just call us or start your non-binding online request with the contact form. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Thursday from 09:00 – 18:00 o'clock and Friday from 09:00 – 17:00 o'clock at our phone number +49 221 / 67 78 69 34.

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