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Backup your recordings

In order to save your recordings from decay, there are two options – converting by yourself or having converted.

Converting by yourself is expensive in time and effort, since every single tape is digitized in real-time. The production of matching recorders was stopped in the early 2000s and a used Betamax recorder will cost about 150 to €200. Suitable software and a hard disk are required as well. Valueable time will however be the highest expense. If you add up all these expenses, it will pay off to have it done by a professional.

Since our customers usually don’t have the time, we can do it for you – at unbeatable prices. MEDIAFIX converts your Betamax tapes starting at €14.99 per tape. The price includes saving as MP4 files. We have the experience of over 208 mio. digitized images and film minutes.


Convert Betamax to digital: It’s that easy

Großeltern und Enkel freuen sich über digitalisierte Erinnerungen

  1. Start a request & print the order form
  2. Pack up your Betamax tapes, add the order form and bring it to the post
  3. We convert your Betamax considering your wishes
  4. Pay the order & receive your Betamax and Betacam tapes back (of course you get back the files and your tapes)
  5. Invite your family and enjoy the precious memories

Convert Betamax now!

MEDIAFIX provides high quality at low prices

MEDIAFIX converts your Betamax and Betacam starting at €14.99/tape – a price that is hard to beat. Low price, low-class service? Not at MEDIAFIX! Your satisfaction is important to us:

What we do for you:

  • Included: Personal advice
  • Included: An individual offer for your video collection
  • Included: Our best-price-guarantee
  • Included: Updates of the current status of your order
  • Included: Accessibility by phone


What we do for your Betamax tapes

  • We charge for the actual durability of the recordings on a tape
  • You get your converted Betamax and Betacam tapes back as MP4 file
  • We convert your Betamax tapes in Cologne and don’t send them abroad
  • We fix film tears


How you get back your Betamax and Betacam

We digitize your Betamax tapes as MP4 files, which allows easiest handling. You can watch your videos on a computer, tablet or smartphone and share the files with your friends and relatives all over the world. Editing the videos is possible as well. Modern TVs give you the option for playing the videos directly on the device without having to connect a DVD player or video recorder. Just plugin the USB drive into the port on your TV, choose “USB” as input source and enjoy the videos. The storage device used for digitizing your Betamax can either be an USB drive or external hard disk (with USB 3.0). You can buy a device from us or use an own one.


MEDIAFIX converts

Video 2000 * VHS * VHS-C * S-VHS * S-VHS-C * MiniDV * Digital8 * Hi8 * Video 8 * U-Matic

We are the largest German scanning provider. Thousands of customers have confided their recordings to MEDIAFIX – and they are absolutely satisfied. 208 million converted recordings and a customer satisfaction rate of 94% are proof enough.

Convert Betamax now!

The Betamax format

Betamax-KassetteThe Betamax format was released by Sony in 1975. Sony already invented the U-matic format for industry purposes and wanted to cover the home video sector as well. Betamax tapes are slightly smaller than VHS and only have one viewing window.

Although the format outclassed its competitors, it was not able to prevail against the VHS. Betamax produces a sharper picture and requires about 20% less tape. But Sony was very hesitant concerning the licensing for other manufacturers and also attached conditions for high investments in own production plants. The VHS manufacturer JVC was more generous and enabled a faster distribution of its own format.



Betamax cassetten have different durations:

Tape labeling Duration
L-125 30 minutes
L-165 45 minutes
L-250 65 minutes
L-370 95 minutes
L-500 130 minutes
L-750 195 minutes
L-830 215 minutes



Like all types of video cassettes, Betamax tapes are vulnerable to environmental influences. That’s why you should pay attention to some things when it comes to storing your tapes:

  • Rewind your cassettes before storing them away
  • Put the tapes into a case to protect them from dust and dirt
  • Ensure that your Betamax are stored at room temperature and no direct sunlight
  • Keep the storage place dry
  • Keep the tapes away from magnetic interference fields like TVs


The Betacam format

The Betacam format was developed by Sony in 1982 as a professional video format. It is the successor of the Betamax format has the same build. But there are differences in the recording system, so that Betacam and Betamax are not compatible with each other. Betacam cassettes are smaller than VHS and have a maximum duration of 36 minutes. The format was mainly – even to this day – used in the professional TV sector for electronic reporting. In 1986 the format was further developed and resulted in a more compact version called Betacam SP. MEDIAFIX digitizes your Betacam starting at €14.99.

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Price per tape
up to 3 tapes
€19.49 €17.35
4 to 10 tapes €17.49 €15.57
11 to 25 tapes €16.99 €15.12
26 to 50 tapes €15.99 €14.23
from 51 tapes €14.99 €13.34
All prices include legal VAT. Shipping costs will be added. Take notice of our promotion terms here. The prices have been rounded to two decimal places for presentation purposes. The invoice is calculated to three decimal places.

Prices are valid up to a duration of 90 minutes. We charge for the actual length of the recordings including gaps, not for the total capacity of the cassette.
Extra charge for extended lengths:
up to 180 minutes: €5.00
up to 240 minutes: €10.00

We also convert:

Cassette type starting at
VHS / VHS-C / MiniDV €6.99
Hi8 / Video 8 / Digital8 €11.49
S-VHS / S-VHS-C €14.99
Video 2000 €24.99
U-Matic €24.99

You can also just start a request for these cassettes on this page.

Convert Betamax:
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  • Proven customer satisfaction
  • All video tape formats
  • Post-processing of your videos (optional)
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Probably the less expensive scanning provider in Germany. Got the best out of my old videos. Four weeks processing time are okay, too.