Your contact persons

A strong team for your memories.

Saving unique memories is a true matter to our heart. That’s why about 120 employees, who are highly experienced in customer servicer, converting to digital, quality management, logistics, marketing and research & developement, try hard to save your media.

But who are all these people who work hard for you every day? We would like to introduce our head team members, who lead our single departments and are in touch with our customers and business partners.


Hans-Günter Herrmann

Versatile, creative, entrepreneurial.

Hans is the founder and CEO and extremely proud of the strong and now very large MEDIAFIX team.

Sometimes he is a bit absent-minded and leaves his analog appointment book in the conference room. Fortunately, it always turns up again.

Christoph Kind

Effective, persistent, passionate.

Christoph is the founder and CTO at MEDIAFIX. Together with his team, he develops the equipment for media digitization and continuously optimizes it.

He would love to be allowed to weld everywhere at MEDIAFIX, but ultimately has to give in to safety concerns.

Assistance to the Management

Julian Habermann

Committed, results-oriented, innovative.

As the right hand of the management, Julian prepares important decisions, takes care of occupational safety or supports other departments. In project management, he was most recently involved in the construction of our new plant building.

In his free time, he likes to tinker with his moped.

Customer Service

Ouafaa Elatrach

Positive, strong-willed, communicative.

As a team leader in sales/customer service, Ouafaa’s charming and positive manner not only puts your department in a good mood, but also ensures that our customers feel they are in good hands at MEDIAFIX.

When she’s hungry, she becomes a T-Rex.

Ute Schwarz

Clear, direct, full of life.

Ute is a true veteran of MEDIAFIX customer service. With her many years of experience, she advises our customers and also actively supports the MEDIAFIX Access points.

Sugar was yesterday! Ute swears by honey as a sweetener for her coffee.

Anke Dabringhaus

Friendly, patient, solution-oriented.

As a people person, Anke likes to find optimal solutions for our customers. Through her time as an ex-designer, she loves working with analog media.

She cycles in all weathers and appreciates everything that is colorful.

Sabine Lersch

Empathic, friendly, humorous.

Sabine is passionate about MEDIAFIX. Through her experience, she helps our customers with her open and friendly manner to achieve the best possible realization of their requirements.

She likes to drink everything except coffee and champagne, is passionate about eating homemade cucumber salad and loves everything green.

Özge Eraslan

Humorous, hardworking, self-critical.

With her refreshing and funny manner, Özge supports our customers in word and deed. She is not only on duty by phone, but also in person at the reception desk in Cologne and helps our customers with all questions concerning their order.

She doesn’t really like to drink plain water – but an energy drink is always good.

Christian Wolff

Positive, solution-oriented, patient.

Christian always has an open ear for our customers and a lot of gasoline in his blood!

Without espresso, his engine doesn’t always run smoothly. So before he goes to work, he has to fill up the tank!

Stephanie Wahl

Open, communicative, humorous.

Stephanie has an open ear for the concerns of our customers and, as a trained graphic designer, is responsible, among other things, for the design of the advertising material for our Access points.

In her free time, she enjoys both the peace and quiet of hiking and conversations on convivial evenings.


Lucas Martensen

Empathic, results-oriented, analytical.

As production manager, Lucas is responsible for the entire digitization team. He is also the contact person for personnel matters and in-house coordination.

“If you don’t know who to ask, it’s best to ask Lucas.”

Kira Herrmann

Committed, attentive, motivating.

As team leader of digitization, Kira is responsible for a proper production flow and the completion of orders on schedule. She also works on the constant optimization of production processes.

Kira is known for her exceptionally good scent. If you’re looking for her, you just have to follow your nose.

Daniel Förster

Conscientious, determined, honest.

As shift manager in production, Daniel ensures that the digitization process runs smoothly and that deadlines are met. He is available for the digitization team to answer all their order-related questions.

He has a weakness for energy drinks.

Quality Management

Ömer Öztürk

Open, positive, fair.

Ömer is responsible for the quality assurance team. Together with his team, he checks that the jobs we digitize meet internal quality guidelines.

He has a soft spot for unusual animals – whether they are opossums, armadillos or monitor lizards.


Julian Niklaus

Forward-looking, solution-oriented, open-minded.

As head of marketing, Kai keeps track of all marketing activities, such as the website, advertising and PR, and provides his team with advice and support.

He played with Mesut Özil in the youth team, but has since hung up his soccer boots.

Julian Niklaus

Innovative, socially engaged, outgoing.

As a millennial, Julian optimizes internal processes, assists in sales management and marketing.

He is a part-time nomad and leads the record for the most chilies eaten by a European in a chili restaurant in Yogyakarta (Indonesia).

Rutger Gaumann

Efficient, confident, inquisitive.

As online editor, Rutger writes texts for the German and Dutch language websites. He also takes care of the newsletters and is the contact person for press inquiries.

As a Belgian by birth, he loves Belgian fries more than anything – German ones just taste too healthy for him.

Léna André

Strong-willed, humorous, empathic.

Léna maintains the French websites; whether for France, Belgium or Switzerland. Both her copywriting and graphic talents are put to good use.

She would love to live vegan, but her love for cheese is too great for that.

Sigrid Bernard

Accurate, responsible, fun-loving.

Sigrid takes care of everything French in the company and knows the French inside and out. “You wouldn’t say that in France.”

In winter, skiing vacations are the order of the day for her, and she has to stifle a tear every time she leaves the mountains again.


Julia Marquardt

Open-minded, humorous, organized.

As team leader of the accounting department, Julia ensures the proper preparation of monthly and annual financial statements and always has an open ear for her colleagues.

When she’s not juggling numbers, she likes to take care of the office plants or travel the world.


Dave Rayher

Open, communicative, solution-oriented.

Dave helps develop and optimize our technical equipment and also takes care of maintenance, right down to providing technical support to employees. He always keeps a sense of humor.

In his private life he likes to tinker with PCs, travels and is interested in martial arts and music.

Lukas Schuy

Perky, bright, enthusiastic about technology.

His joyfully awakened aura ensnares people and technology; should this not be enough, he finds a solution. Researching and developing bring him joy and fulfillment.

Despite a height of 5″8 feet, it is important to him to always be at eye level with his colleagues.


Hicham Mahdad

Ambitious, organized, reliable.

Starting out as a student assistant, Hicham has broken all records in the warehouse and now holds the position of Junior Head of Logistics.

Besides work, his focus is on his family, traveling and FC Barcelona.

Denis Reger

Level-headed, collegial, articulate.

As deputy warehouse manager, Denis takes extremely careful care of our orders, from arrival to shipment. Sometimes even beyond, because Denis is also part of our complaints department.

His motto is “Everything for the team.”

Sonja Summer

Open, helpful, always in a good mood.

Sonja helps out in the warehouse wherever she is needed and is responsible for incoming goods and shipping our orders.

At home, her two four-legged friends from the animal welfare keep her busy.

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