Your contact persons

A strong team for your memories.

Saving unique memories is a true matter to our heart. That’s why about 120 employees, who are highly experienced in customer servicer, converting to digital, quality management, logistics, marketing and research & developement, try hard to save your media.

But who are all these people who work hard for you every day? We would like to introduce our head team members, who lead our single departments and are in touch with our customers and business partners.


Hans-Günter Herrmann

Versatile, creative, entrepreneurial.

Founder and Managing Director and very proud of the strong and now very large team of MEDIAFIX.

Sometimes a little distracted and then leaves his analogue calendar in the conference room. Fortunately, this one appears again and again.

Christoph Kind

Effective, persistent, passionate.

Christoph is the founder and technical director of MEDIAFIX. Together with his team, he develops the devices for media digitization and ensures that they are continuously optimized.

Would prefer to be allowed to weld anywhere at MEDIAFIX, but in the end he has to overcome the safety concerns.

Customer service

Ouafaa Elatrach

Positive, strong-willed, communicative.

As team leader, Ouafaa is responsible for the Sales/Customer Service department and with her charming and friendly manner ensures that all customers feel in good hands at our reception in Cologne.

When she’s hungry, she becomes a T-Rex.

Ute Schwarz

clear, straightforward, joyous.

Ute is a true cornerstone of MEDIAFIX customer service. With her many years of experience, she advises our clients and also actively supports the MEDIAFIX acceptance points.

Sugar was yesterday! Ute swears by honey as a sweetener for her coffee.

Anke Dabringhaus

Friendly, patient, solution-oriented.

As an experienced customer consultant, Anke has the right answer to every question and helps our customers step by step from the non-binding enquiry to their digitized memories.

Loves to pedal whenever possible, and has a tiny to moderate weakness for chocolate.

Özge Eraslan

Humorous, hardworking, self-critical.

With her refreshing and fun way, Özge supports our customers with advice and deeds. She is not only on the phone, but also in person at the reception desk in our headquarters in Cologne and helps our customers with all questions relating to their order.

She can’t do that much with water but an energy drink is always enough.

Sarah Weyrauch

Competent, empathetic, careful.

Sarah ensures the satisfaction of our clients by listening with an open ear to the feedback and concerns of our clients and taking care of the realization of their wishes.

As a wannabe vegan, she may not like to admit it, but her favorite dish is and remains pasta bolognese.


Lucas Martensen

Empathetic, result-oriented, analytical.

As production manager, Lucas is responsible for the entire digitization team in the early and late shift. He is also the contact person for personnel matters and in-house coordination.

“If you don’t know who to ask, ask Lucas. “

Kira Herrmann

Committed, attentive, motivating.

As the team leader of digitization, Kira is responsible for a proper production process and the on-time completion of orders. It also works on the continuous optimization of production processes.

Kira is known for her exceptionally good fragrance. If you’re looking for her, you just have to follow his nose.

Daniel Förster

Conscientious, determined, honest.

As a shift manager in the late shift of production, Daniel ensures a smooth process in digitization and ensures that deadlines are met. He is the contact person for approx. 30 employees and is available for all order-related questions.

Has a weakness for energy drinks.

Quality management

Ömer Öztürk

Open, positive, fair.

Ömer is responsible for the quality assurance team. Together with his team, he checks whether the orders we digitize comply with internal quality guidelines.

Has a penchant for extraordinary animals no matter if they are possums, armadillos or vannas.


Kai Dräger

Foresighted, solution-oriented, open-minded.

Kai and his team take care of the content and stories for our websites.

Played with Mesut Özil in the youth team, but lost his football boots in the meantime.

Julian Niklaus

Innovative, socially engaged, sociable.

Julian optimizes internal processes, supports sales management and takes care of the needs of our customers.

Part-time nomad who tops the record for the most eaten chilli by a European in a chili restaurant in Yogyakarta (Indonesia).

Marion Bachmann

Versatile, committed, communicative.

As an online editor, Marion creates exciting newsletters for our customers, writes texts for the website and is the contact person for press inquiries.

Has the green thumb in the office and lovingly takes care of the office plants.


Julia Marquardt

Open-minded, humorous, organized.

Julia manages the accounting and supports the management with evaluations, analyses and other assistance tasks.

When she’s not juggling numbers, she likes to travel to Asian countries.

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