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We save memories

MEDIAFIX is Europe’s market leader in the digitization of analogue media. We digitize all types of analogue media: slides, negatives, photos and photo albums, video cassettes, cine films and audio cassettes. Various additional services complete the range.

One important reason for the company’s success is the digitization technology it has developed itself. The rescue of emotionally and historically valuable memories is part of our mission statement.

Since our founding in 2012, we have already digitized more than 204 million analogue media. The number of digitized slides alone amounts to around 1 million per month.

Market leader for converting old media to digital

MEDIAFIX is Europe’s market leader for converting analog media to digital considering the number of employees, the amount of converted films and images per month, sales and plant size:


Number of employees

120 employees do their best every day to save your media. Therefore MEDIAFIX has the largest digitizing team in Europe.


Amount of converted media per month

Every month MEDIAFIX scans over 2 million films and pictures for B2C and B2B customers. No other company can compete with these large amounts. All in all MEDIAFIX has digitized over  204 million media until now.



The business year 2020/2021 brought an overall sales volume of 9 million Euro – much more than our competitors would have been able to.


Plant size

The size of our facility amounts to about 2,500 sqm. Therefore MEDIAFIX is the largest scanning company in Europe area-wise.

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Our team


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A strong team of 120 employees is in action every day. But who are these people? We want to introduce ourselves!

Our corporate philosophy


We save memories

Together we save our customer’s memories. Which values are essential for us, you get to know here.

Our history


From the idea to leadership

Read here how be became the largest scan provider in Germany.