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Many archives, museums, companies, universities and hospitals still own important archived documents as well as analogue images and films. Often they are very valueable and with time quality starts to decrease more and more. The only possibility to preserve all these documents, pictures and videos, is to have them digitized.

Digitization of analogue media is quite challenging for many institutes – especially if it is about a large amount of image and film media with high value.

MEDIAFIX is your partner when it comes to digitizing your archives professionally – no matter if it is about slides, negatives, photos, video cassettes, 8mm films, recording tapes, audio cassettes or documents. Our experience of over 1 million digitized media per month and TÜV-certified customer satisfaction has made MEDIAFIX to the market leader in the digitization business.

In collaboration with you we will define your requirements for digitizing your analogue media and will give you advice for our different quality levels. You are a special customer, which is why we want to provide individual solutions that you suitable to your wishes and requirements.

Also we will gladly give you advice for our additional services. Since many analogue media have been stored away for a long time, in many cases dust and dirt start to show on the sensitive material. So it doesn’t show afterwards on the digital picture and film, we provide different types of cleaning services, which remove the dirt. Our cleaning services are:

  • A special compressed air treatment developed by MEDIAFIX
  • A manual dry cleaning
  • A manual wet cleaning

Have your analogue documents, films and images digitized and take benefit of our attractive prices and additional services!

Questions will be answered by Mr. Holger Juraschek (Key Account Manager) and Mr. Giuseppe Russo (Key Account Manager) at:

+49 (221) 16 53 99 77

Our solution for digitizing your media

Your benefits as a business customer:

Your analogue media are valueable and unique. This is why we attach great importance to the security of your media. With our security concept we ensure best protection for your media:

We make a difference between media that has to be protected from spontaneous ignition (e.g. nitrate films) and media that has a high historical and artistic value.

Both are stored in our fire protection cabinets. The media are only for removed for digitization and afterwards immediately are stored back into the cabinet.

The fire protection cabinets correspond to current fire protection requirements. Every delivered amount is insured up to €150.000,00 at our insurance (Gothaer Versicherungsbank VVaG) while remaining at MEDIAFIX.

In addition there is an access control. Only our management and shift management have access to the cabinets in order to ensure that all requirements for a high grade of data protection is guaranteed.

Besides our protection effort all the media is also taken care of very well during the digitization process. In general they are touched only with protective gloves or special tweezers. Removing and reinserting the media into sleeves is only done by trained personnel. Furthermore the digitization process is done uv light-friendly with special lighting.

Within only a few years MEDIAFIX became Germany’s biggest company for digitizing images and films considering the number of employees, the amount of converted films and images per month, sales and plant size. Since its founding in 2012 we have already digitized over 208 million media for our customers. Therefore MEDIAFIX has established itself as the market leader for converting analogue media to digital.

TÜV-Nord-Zertifizierung für KundenzufriedenheitThousands of customers have already entrusted their old slides, negative, photos, video cassettes, 8mm films, recording tapes and audio cassettes to us – and they are convinced. This is shown in our own customer satisfaction survey as well as in the one from TÜV Nord: They have confirmed the high satisfaction level of our customers again this year.

Our company’s head office is based right in the heart of Cologne. Here all of the media gets digitized.

On an area of about 1000 sqm 120 experienced employees in customer service, digitization, quality management, logistics, shipping and F & D do their best every day to give all these analogue media a digital future. At that we all have just one objective: to save unique memories.

You probably will have several questions when it comes to digitizing your images and films.

Mr. Holger Juraschek (Key Account Manager) is your contact person and is looking forward to help you and answer your questions. Due to his experience in the key account segment he knows how to meet your individual requirements and to find a suitable solution for digitizing your collection.

      • Consideration of individual requirements for your media collection
      • Creation of individual solutions for digitizing your collection
      • Attractive additional services like cleaning, post-processing or image rotation
      • Expertise in digitization of large collections and archives from renowned customers
      • Digitization of microfilm and microfiche
      • Digitization of diverse archives from one source (photo archives, video archives, dokument archives)

Recognize the urgent need for action

The German government is planning to have their archive collection digitized until 2050. For a good reason: durabililty of analogue media depends on several factors:

age | material quality | temperature | humidity | storage | use intensity

If your company, your institution or even you as a professional photographer or photo and video journalist want to give a digital future to your valueable analogue image documents, there is no other chance than to have them digitized. Hesitating can mean that the media has to be restored, which is very expensive in time and money. If you act quickly, you will not also benefit from faster availability, but also will save money for restoring the damaged images and films.

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This is what our business customers say



I definitely would recommend the service, quality and prices of MEDIAFIX! A photo engineer from our team, who has checked the pictures, is also very satisfied.


Frank Nikolaus Golomb
United Archives


We had about 3,500 medium format and about 2,000 35mm slides digitized. Our institute is very satisfied with the quality, service and the prices. Great conversations and an amazing customer support completed everything.


Dr. Tilman Lenssen-Erz
University Cologne


We were very satisfied with the service of MEDIAFIX and the quality of the digital pictures was better than expected. If we should have more images digitized, we will for sure have it done again by MEDIAFIX.


Benjamin Wittmann
Deutsche Bahn Museum


Over 400 negatives were digitized within one week at MEDIAFIX and I was highly impressed by the result. No detail in the photos was lost and although the picture were quite aged, the colors could be reproduced very well.