Our philosophy

We save memories!


Our mission

MEDIAFIX’s mission is to save valueable and memories that were recorded on analog films and photos. We convert these to digital for everybody in the quality that is required.

We help people to share their memories and reminisce. We bring generations together and make families happier.


Our vision

As an innovative employer we intend to be the market leader in our business. Starting in German-speaking areas we want to expand to our neighboring countries.


Our contribution

We believe in a good entrepreneurship that everybody can take benefit from. We gladly share our success:


… with our customers by providing improved and versatile services, e.g. post-processing services for correcting signs of age, taking on labelings and a superior price performance ratio.


… with our employees with bonuses and incentives. We give opportunities for advancement, training and more pleasant working conditions. For example we will for the third time move into a larger plant in 2022.


… with our suppliers and shareholders. MEDIAFIX is a friendly, fair, but also profit-oriented company – our business partners, like our Access points, profit from the success as well as our shareholders and founders, who are driving MEDIAFIX since 2012.


… with the society. As a medium-sized company we pay taxes and social contributions in Germany. We support local sports and scan with green energy.

Our values


Our values


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Our team


Get to know us

A strong team of about 120 employees is in action every day. But who are these people? We want to introduce ourselves!

Our history


From the idea to leadership

Read here how be became the largest scan provider in Germany.