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Convert minox

If you hear the word minox, you probably will think of spying cameras. And you are right. The classic minox camera was known as one and used films with a size of only 8x11mm.

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Convert pocket

Always have a camera with you? With a pocket camera this wasn’t a big deal. The cameras were small and handy und could easily be stored in your pocket.

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Convert half-formats

Half-formats stand out by their exposed field of only 24x18mm. Compared to the normal 35mm format the amount of pictures shot could be doubled.

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Convert instamatic formats

The name instamatic comes from instant and automatic. And that for a good reason: The instamatic system enabled a faster handing to insert films. For photography this was a gamechanger.

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Convert APS films

APS films are known for their closed cassette. Therefore the film is only removed for exposure, development or processing in any other way.

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Convert panorama formats

Pictures that were taken with a wide angle are called panorama. The angle can go up to 360°. With that you can picture a all-round view of your position.

Convert panorama formats to digital now!

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We recorded several decades of our band history on slides. Many of these memories were digitized by DIAFIX. The team and the results really convinced us.